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There is plenty of choice for restaurants in the resort. Our favourites include El Cielo, Rouvelas, Oceano, The Balcony, Panorama, Malibu, Boschetto, Alex Pizza and Il Mare (an Italian meal can make a nice change in the middle of a holiday) - some of these have live Greek music, particularly at the weekends. Boards outside will normally indicate whether the entertainment is live music or "Greek" nights.

Whichever style of restaurant you choose (and everybody will have different favourites), it is rare to have a bad meal, although be aware that service is not always as fast as we may normally see in the main cities around Europe. Portions can be quite large, and we normally find that 2 - 3 starters among four of us leaves enough room to enjoy the main courses - most of the restaurants also offer a (sometimes, limited) range of children's meals. Some of the Greek dishes have quite rich sauces, so again it's worth taking it easy with the (often lovely) starters - it can also be worth asking in advance for a break between courses.

It is also worth noting that the restaurants are normally quite flexible in terms of main courses - if you find a starter that you particularly like for example, they will often just increase its size, add rice and/or chips and turn it in to a main course for you. Don't be afraid to ask!

It should also be noted that some Greek dishes are not, traditionally, served hot, although most of the restaurants in the resort ignore this and serve the meals hot as they are aware tourists do not normally want warm meals. The house wine in most restaurants is (normally!) quite drinkable, and is usually available in half and one litre carafes - most restaurants also offer a small selection of bottled wine. Red wine is often served straight from the chiller cabinet - if you don't like it this way it is worth asking for "room temperature" or "hot" wine as they often have supplies not kept chilled (I did suggest to one bar owner that he should use the term "room temperature" rather than "hot" and his comment was "but the room is hot"!!).

All restaurants take credit cards, but you should check beforehand if proposing to pay by this means as there are occasional technical problems with the machines.

Obviously, there are plenty of bars (a number of which also serve meals) - these include Barbayiannis, Cosy, Limani, Amazona, Europa, Stamatis, Mad Mikes, Lola T, Kazzoo's, Sunset and Almyra - boards outside the bars give details of any "entertainment" on offer (e.g. Karaoke and tribute acts). Most bars also have Wi-Fi (normally free) and satellite TV, and will often show big sports occasions from the UK (e.g. Wimbledon and Premiership Rugby / Football) - again, boards outside will show details of upcoming events.

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