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When staying in the resort, it is well worth considering the odd trip away. 

With a car, it is possible to reach the northern-most parts of the island, although this can be a tiring (and hot) two hour drive - some of the roads and signs are not that good, so a good map is essential.  We would not normally recommend driving in to Corfu Town - parking is not easy during the summer and sign-posting within the town is poor!.  As indicated elsewhere (Ágios Geórgios - St George South) there are a limited number of buses both ways which can provide an alternative to driving.  Other alternatives to driving all the way into Corfu Town (and that also provide for later returns from town) include driving to Benitses and then using the local No 6 Blue bus, or walking up to the main road (where you turn down for Ágios Geórgios) and picking up a Kavos / Corfu Town Green bus (these run fairly regularly during the day / evening).  There are also local tourist companies that offer a "Corfu by Day" and a "Corfu by night" coach trip - these give you 4-5 hours in the town, and have the added benefit of dropping you off / picking up in the centre of town.

A walk up to Argirades village is also to be recommended, but allow plenty of time and wear some sensible shoes.  There are two main routes up to the village.  The first is by taking the main road out of Ágios Geórgios (signed Argirades 4Km) up to the junction with the main road. Turn right (south, away from Corfu Town) - the village is a few kilometres along the road (but up quite a steep main road, with no footpath).  An alternative that is particularly good if you are going on foot, is to take the road at the southern end of the resort by the KafSas fish restaurant (signed Argirades 3km) -- follow the road up past some of the quieter apartments / small hotels and then through the olive groves.  There are also many footpaths at this end of the resort that can be used (see more details here). This is a lovely walk but beware the heat of midday / early afternoon as it is quite steep (and open) in the latter few hundred metres and offers little protection from the sun other than the olive trees. 

In Argirades you will find a quaint, traditional village - several churches, with great architecture and, unfortunately, some poverty - many of the houses look as if they have not changed in the last 100 years (and could easily topple over at the slightest wind). The main road through the village is where most of the shops can be found (including a few cafe's / kafenions - some of these only open in the winter). Be aware that if you drive to Argirades from the south end of the resort (up past KafSas) there is only a small amount of parking space when you reach the village and, although the road carries on in to the village, it is very strongly recommended that you do not attempt to negotiate this - it is very narrow (1.5 Metres in places) and really suitable only for donkeys and bikes (although some locals do drive through). If you meet another vehicle (or donkey!) you could be in for a hundred metre reverse drive on the winding narrow road!.

Argirades also has, in terms of shopping, a pharmacy, a butcher, a small "mini market" shop, as well as a hairdresser's.

Driving south from the resort, you can easily reach Lefkimi.  This is quite a sprawling old village that has few pavements and, towards the bottom / southern end, a river running through it down to the sea.  A number of nice restaurants / bars can be found on the road that runs alongside the river to the local (sandy) beach. This road passes the many fishing vessels that are moored up following their night out at sea.

Although not strictly in the "Away Day" category, the main road to Lefkimi also has three of the large Greek supermarkets along it.

If you fancy a trip to the mainland, there are regular ferries from Lefkimi (the port is a 20 minute drive from the resort) to Igoumenitsa - from here there is a very good new road taking you east from the port (e.g. Ioannina is approximately a 50 minute drive), or you could just have a meal / drink on the front before returning on a later ferry. There are a large number of shops, restaurants and bars within a stone's throw of the port. As at March 2024, one-way cost for an Adult was EUR 7.00 and EUR 20.00 for a car when booked online, with a journey time of around an hour.  Given how near the port is at Lefkimi, and the proximity of the port to the town in Igoumenitsa (right opposite the exit gates!), leaving your car at Lefkimi port (free!) and going over as foot passengers is quite a viable option.  Departure times can be found on the Lefkimi Lines website - there is a language option on the site that allows you to switch to English.  There are also regular ferries to Igoumenitsa from Corfu Town although be aware that there can be quite a significant difference in journey time (and cost) depending on which operator you take - in February 2024, the one way ferry cost from Corfu Town was EUR 11 per person and EUR 35 for a car on one of the carriers, with a journey time of nearly two hours.  (NB. Costs for ferries on both routes can vary as the companies often have special offers available).

If you fancy going further afield, from Igoumenitsa it is an easy drive to places such as Zagoria, Ioannina, Koukouli, Kipi, the Vikos Gorge, Nekromantion, Parga and Dodoni to name but a few.  Many of these are fantastically historic places and most are viable for a day trip if leaving on, say, a ferry around 08:00 and returning around 20:00 in the evening.

In addition to the above, there are daily boat trips from the resort to Paxos and to the mainland, and local travel agents have organised coach trips to other parts of the island.

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